Retreat, Webinars, NPR, and the Shrine

how things converge. Just before a fabulous GreenFaith Fellows retreat at the
Quaker retreat center Pendle Hill in eastern Pennsylvania, I was coached into doing two webinars.
Within three days. With two different outfits. In between speaking to two classes
of middle-schoolers at Sacred Heart school in Jeffersonville and teaching one
Bible study at Louisville Seminary and another at First Presbyterian Church. This past year on the road has been such a gift of friendship, learning, and joy. To discover how to teach people across the country from home, at the desk where I wrote the book itself, seemed like coming full circle. 

is a link to the GreenFaith Webinar
, a lecture and Q&A hosted by GreenFaith’s Stacey Kennealy, about Creator and
Creation in Scripture. You have to download the ARF player to view it, but it’s easy.

here is a link to the
PCUSA webinar
with Rebecca Barnes and Bill Brown, “Creation Care: Basic Bible
101.” You have to register to view it, but it doesn’t take long.

because this is way more cool, here
is a link to an NPR story
about my son Ian’s hip-hop teaching career. To view it, you just have to be hip.

And here is a picture of him performing Saturday night at the Shrine in New York City, along with several of his students. I’m posting this because it’s more dazzling than a webinar, and I was so happy to be there.

The new Workbook Fulfillment Center (i.e., our attic) has been kind of fun, sending books out to people all over the place whom I’ve not met before. So I’ve made a way to buy the book, the workbook, or both together directly from me, and even get an autograph if you like. CLICK HERE. 

And as always, I would love to hear what you think about the book, the workbook, or the ecological challenges you face in your own locale. 

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