New Website, Upcoming Presentation

Since 2013, the year Inhabiting Eden was published, I’ve had a presence on Blogspot, but it seemed like time to freshen up. The old blog posts are here, though imperfectly transferred, and new content will be added.

As you may know, my spouse Don Summerfield and I are living into our second spring at Lost Beagle Lake in Henryville, in our zero-energy home. Through the winter we developed our greenhouse, which has been full of lettuce, greens, and herbs during the cold months, and worked to create more Hugel mounds for our outside vegetable garden. We planted native trees, made paths through the woods, and hunkered down through the recent snows.

This spring we will plant more native trees, as well as some apples, peaches, cherries, and hazelnuts, perennial vegetables like asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes, and lovage. We hope to see our kiwi and grape vines grow up, get our second raspberry and blackberry harvest, and expand strawberries into two more beds (since Charlie the Chipmunk seems not to want to share with us!).

I am also excited to share the features of our zero-energy house. As our human society moves--very speedily, we hope–to a regenerative future, sustaining our home energy from 100% renewable electric sources is one of the keys. (Another is farming and gardening to put carbon into the ground.)

Next week, Wednesday, March 10, at 3pm Eastern, I will give a Zoom presentation sponsored by the Presbyterian Hunger Program and Earth Care Congregations, on how we conserved energy in our 100-year-old house in Jeffersonville, and how we built our new net-zero solar and ground-source heat pump house here in Henryville.

Here is a viewable and downloadable flyer. You can type in the bitly url or use this link to join us on March 10. I hope you can come, join the conversation, and be inspired.

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