Thank You, Beloved Church

I was on my way to several days of meetings in Indianapolis this past Wednesday, having said to various family members and friends, “please pray for me!,” when I received a couple of emails–one from a friend and one from a stranger–about that very thing: they

were praying for me, and for us.

Turns out the Presbyterian Church’s Mission Yearbook writers had taken a press release about an energy conservation workshop held at our church in October and turned it into a story and a prayer. So alongside of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and their caregivers (Sunday), polluted rivers in Bolivia (Monday), partnerships in Honduras (Tuesday), police and protesters in Charlotte (Thursday), political turmoil in Haiti (Friday), and hope in Nicaragua (Saturday), a mid-sized church in a little Indiana town, and an upstart environmental organization in a beleaguered state, got a national boost. I hope it was as good news for readers of the Mission Yearbook as it was for us. 

Thank you, beloved church!

In addition, the online Christian social justice journal Unbound came out with my story about collaboration between previously divided forces seeking ways to combat climate change. 

And Xavier University in Cincinnati has now published a webpage to advertise our Ignatian Journey to the Holy Land, which is coming up next May.

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