First Ever Press Release–On EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Hooray for government action!

Most everyone else in the circles I inhabit is very excited about the EPA’s clean power plan that was released yesterday. And like everyone in our local circles, I live on the border between two states with powerful officials that oppose this very sensible and forward-looking plan. 

So I wrote my first ever press release, with contributions from Hoosier IPL colleagues, and am sharing it here. 

I also wrote an op-ed which I hope will go to the Louisville Courier Journal. If not, at least it is here.

For good measure, here are a couple more recent articles I’ve written in newsletters that are chock-full of other interesting articles as well:

“A Life-Changing Pilgrimage in Peru” for Presbyterians for Earth Care update (begins on p. 4)

“Loose the Bonds: Fasting for Well-Being. Inspired by Isaiah 58.” (begins on p. 8) 

There are others, but this is enough for today! 

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