Solar Freakin Roadways

I am finishing a workbook to go with Inhabiting Eden, and it should be ready for purchase within a few weeks. It will be spiral-bound, with space for readers of my book to reflect and write. While working on it this morning, I was updating some of the live links on this website (see Inhabiting Eden Footnotes with Live Links), and I ran across a new video, “Solar Freakin Roadways.”

It’s a lot of fun to watch, first of all! But it also introduces a technology that is simply amazing. I heard one the inventors, Scott Brusaw, describing Solar Roadways at the Festival of Faiths in Louisville a couple of years ago. These would revolutionize not only transportation, but also electrical and wastewater infrastructure, safety, and snow removal, and make us 100% renewable. Why freakin not? 

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