Online Courses

Getting to Net-Zero at Home

Zoom presentations based on personal experience renovating and building for energy efficiency. The first was sponsored in January by Tristate Interfaith Creation Care in Evansville. Two more opportunities are coming.

Caring for creation entails finding our path to renewable energy. This reality influences choices in where and how families live. Using her own net-zero home in Indiana as a model, Trisha will overview some of the promising ways homes can be built or renovated to become efficient enough to power not only themselves but family transportation and food production.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 3pm EST, sponsored by the Presbyterian Church’s Hunger Program and Earth Care Congregations. Here is a 1-hour video of the presentation. Here is an article about the program.

Tuesday, April 27, 7:30 pm EDT, sponsored by Bloomington (Indiana) Earth Care. Please register by email to receive the Zoom link.

Access a recording of the January presentation, with Q&A, here.


Faith and the Climate Crisis

This four-week class introduces climate action and advocacy and is especially geared for faith communities seeking to encourage active support for ecological commitment. First-come, first-served, but preference is given to registrants who will seek to bring others in the community with them to the class. Led by Presbyterian Climate Advocates, a small, dynamic group in southern Indiana.

Go here for more information.

Go here to register for the April 11-May 2 session.

Presbyterian Climate Advocates believe that, working together with God’s help, we can forge a new future. We advocate with legislators for a carbon fee and dividend plan to help drive the economy to renewable alternatives. We work to live sustainably ourselves, and we help congregations, communities, and families conserve energy. And we look to others to act with us.

Upcoming sessions: April 11-May 2; July 11-August 1; October 3-24.