Net-Zero Presentations

I’ve had several requests to view the presentations I gave last spring about our net-zero house in Henryville, so I’m gathering access to all three recordings here. The first was with Tri-State Creation Care in Evansville, Indiana last January. It features our builder Nick Romeo in the Q&A portion. They sent me a copy of the recording, so I’m making it available here.

The second was with the Presbyterian Hunger Program in March, and our designer Ted Clifton phoned in. You can find it here.

We’ve also had requests for in-person field trips from Jeffersonville and Louisville, which we are delighted to give. I’ve made up a little fact sheet about our house and land use, and you can download it here.

I hope that as you think about your own low carbon future you will find some ideas from all these.

Last, I’ve been asked to preach and lead a workshop for the Kentucky Council of Churches next month. Since it will be virtual, I’ll be able to post from those in coming weeks.


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